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Thread: Bragging time! 11-22mm on the way!!

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    Default Bragging time! 11-22mm on the way!!

    Bragging rights!

    Won an auction for a 11-22mm ZD lens and its arriving in about 2 weeks!!

    Can't wait to test it out man!

    I got it for about US$626 including shipping costs. Works out to about S$1020, think its a pretty good deal. Only thing is that its a Factory Demo set. I've been assured that its in mint condition though.

    Go green guys, its good for the environment.

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    Its was S$1100 include GST from CP 2 months ago... Some from dpreview would swear by this the sharpness of this lens, claiming it to be on par and better than the 50-200. I think its a tat better than the 14-54.. would love to hear your comments about it.


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