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    Hi All,
    Could you recommend me good software to create digital photo album?
    Thanks for your advice.


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    You may need to define “digital photo album”, it's quite a vague term. You don't need any software to create a "digital photo album". Upload your photos to a facebook album and it's a "digital photo album"! What are you trying to achieve? It'll help people respond if you are more specific.

    Example: “I want to create a photo album in the style of a photo book (with varied layouts, including text/captions/backgrounds). I don't intend to print it but only view it on my ipad.”

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    Hi Kadinsky,

    Thanks for your advice.
    What i am looking is software to create photo book that can easy to arrange the layout, put some digital craft item. Such as create a wedding book.
    Thanks bro.

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    Do you intend to print? Most of the photobook companies have in-house software that allow you to do what you want.

    One example: Create A Photo Book | Photobook Singapore

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    Ya I intend to print.
    The photobook company software is only can be used for print in they side.
    I need the file, so can print using paper tht I want.
    Appreciate your input.

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    You can use whatever you want to... MS Word, Powerpoint, MS Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, etc etc etc

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    Heck, you can even use any from here:

    microsoft image editor 2007 free download


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