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Thread: 77th Academy (Oscar) Awards 2005

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    Exclamation 77th Academy (Oscar) Awards 2005

    Hi People,
    This is a bo-liao threat. Just asking around if any folks here are also into films like me as well.

    Did anybody pay attention to this year's Oscars? What do you think of this year's results? Any comments?

    For me, I feel sad for Martin Scorsese because I REALLY think he was going to win this year as the press were also feeling sad for him for not winning any Oscars previously, and for so many years already. I thought the academy might give him the award out of pity.

    I haven't had the chance to watch The Aviator, though. But I must say Scorsese has sorta lost his touch. His older films like Goodfellas were much better than the films he made these days.


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    aviator was boring as crap for those not interested in aviation

    sure it had superb acting by di caprio and blanchett but that was all to it

    i weep for those who had to sleep through the 3hrs.

    The High Points of the show were Beyonce & Josh Groban singing "believe" and Emmy rossum presenting an academy award.

    love her to bits


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