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    Dear all,

    What's the charges for holding an exhibition in a gallery? and do we need any permit if we wanna sell those pictures on display?

    thk u

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovenikon
    Dear all,

    do we need any permit if we wanna sell those pictures on display?
    Ha ha! This is very typical Singaporean question, always afraid if never apply permit kena trouble with the garmen!

    Few years ago, my friend printed a calendar for sale. Last minute, few days before the calendar printed, somebody asked “Did you apply for a permit?” and she panicked!

    I was told that in HK, if there is a doubt, people do first and worry about the law later. In Singapore, people worry about the law until opportunity fly away!

    Anyway, I don't know for sure, but I think no need lah. If hold exhibition understood want to sell. Otherwise for what? Spend money on exhibition just to show off? Or to do good deed for others to enjoy?

    As for the cost of renting gallery etc, I had asked the people who are holding a Story of Hands exhibition opening today, March 2, 7pm at Photograher's Gallery. MICA Building, Hill Street.

    They suggest I go visit the show and chat with them about costing etc.
    If you free, go down tonight lah.

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