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Thread: Lonely by the Riverside

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    Default Lonely by the Riverside

    Last edited by sunkist; 1st March 2005 at 08:53 PM.

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    SUnkist: Darren has told us not to post photo here, maybe you want to consider posting it at the right place, please?


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    See... George... u should be a mod too... whahaaaa....

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    wah Vincent....

    I was looking at the pics, did not notice anything special... then i noticed the botak guy sitting among the stautes.. wah seh.. nicely captured.

    A trick you might want to try is to create a duplicate layer and darken further, and then delete with a soft brush to bring the main character into attention.

    You are truly a great opportunist.. kekeke.. i seldom chance (or rather i missed) upon good shots. Cheers to you!

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    Point taken. Edited.

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    Actually trying to have those sepia sadden kinda of "feel". But it not a sad photo, somehow it lonely, but yet sometime, people tend wanna to be alone.. see?


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