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Thread: 2005 Flowers @ Sentosa

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    Default 2005 Flowers @ Sentosa

    Not sure where to post ? Just for share.

    Purposely keep the green bud, do not know whether it works.


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    Hi Outlook,

    1st pic works well for me except for the bee... otherwise, the composition and the 'softening' effect of the overall pictures is very well produced. Back to the bee, personally, i think the bee and sunflower would be better taken with closer proximity to bring out the details ...cheers

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    personally the 2nd pic works better. while i prefer the 1st pic to be more closeup if possible... leaving out the bud... the bud doesnt serve a purpose there as i see.. but... IM SO ENVIOUS U CAN GO TO THE SHOWWWW!!! T_T.. wish i could go too...

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    Thanks for your comments.

    Was using 300D and a Sigma APO 70-300mm. Am wondering whether I should use a close-up lens/filter 350D or 500D on my 50mm II ?

    I thought the bee might make the pic have some vitality. Maybe it is distractive.

    I had a pic on sunflower here:


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