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Thread: Driving to Paris

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    Default Re: Driving to Paris

    Paris a little too far,

    try Pasir Ris.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    Paris a little too far,

    try Pasir Ris.
    With Apple Maps, we will drive right into the sea near the beaches...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed9119 View Post
    ahhhh.... so 99.9% will just stop here, give up their dream and not crack their heads any further .... nor put in the sacrifice needed to achieve it

    quite a few have done it by bicycle too at a much lower budget .... whats the next excuse ?
    Ok Ed, we'll wait for your pictures..

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    Default Re: Driving to Paris

    Quote Originally Posted by ahboy168 View Post
    I was playing with google maps, and it tells me that we can drive to paris in 17 days, assuming resting for 12 hours each day.
    Sg to india 3.5 days
    India to turkey 3.5 day
    Turkey to Rome 1 day
    Rome to Paris 0.5 day
    I wonder did anyone ever done this before?
    Friends of mine from Germany did the trip from Germany to Goa in India on land. Route: Germany, Austria, Croatia, Greek, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Goa in India - and back.
    They had caravans and trucks (converted to caravans) and a few motorcycles. Preparations took a few months (equipment, visa, vaccinations etc.). Driving with car (especially the standard city cars for office softies) is madness and bound to fail. The road conditions in the mountain region demand for robust cars that can take the beats. Secondly, do have a look at the temperatures along the way. The Iranian deserts have temperatures of 40C and above while the mountain regions in Turkey can have -30C in Winter time. Good look with a Singapore car .. Thirdly: do you really want to spend 10 days squeezed into a car...??
    If you intend to rush as what your plan suggests, then better call it off. This is not a weekend run "Paris and back within 14 days" or so, this is a serious adventure and off-road trip. My friends covered the entire distance in about 2+ months, they spend a month in Goa and some weeks in Nepal, the entire trip there and back took 6 months.
    Last but no least: have you checked about the road conditions and travel conditions for passing through Bangladesh and Myanmar? And you want to get to India in 3.5 days? Good one ..
    If you want to see Paris get a flight ticket and spend the days and money there.
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    Default Re: Driving to Paris

    For all those people who think it cannot be done, let me tell you I've done it many times. Hanzohattori wanted pictures. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

    This was shot at Nanuki last year when I crossed the equator driving from Cape Town to Cairo passing through South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho,Swaziland, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

    This was shot at my campsite in the Makgadigadik Pan in Botswana. The car on the extreme right with the clam type camp on its roof belongs to John Ewing Chow, a Singaporean Friend. And third from right is another Singaporean friend, Larry & Daisy Lim. The car I drove is third from left.

    And this is what it looks like, through the windscreen, while driving across the Sahara Desert of Libya, as the sun is setting. I had one hand on the wheel and another holding my camera to shoot this picture.

    And this was shot on Route Forty, the loneliest road in the world, in the Patagonia of Argentina, while driving around South America starting from Buenos Aires, going north to Uruguay, Brazil, the Amazon Basin, Paraguay, Bolivia, over the Andes to Peru, and southwards to Chile, Patagonia, Ushuaia and finishing back in Buenos Aires.

    This is the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, shot during a round South America Expedition

    Hope the above is enough to whet your appetite to go out there and see the world by driving a 4x4. I use a reconditioned Toyota Landcruiser bought for only S$30K, and refurbished for offroading through any condition at a cost of an additional S$50K.

    Check out the picture Blog of a Singaporean John Ewing Chow, who dares to be different HERE John regularly comes with us on our trans-continental driving trip using only a Mitsubishi Pajero.

    If you really, really do not have the 2 to 3 months to join us, or you dont have a car, you can "hop in" into one of our cars for a short sector of around 2 to three weeks. Cost for hopping in (subject to available space) is around S$15K. Your share of the fuel is extra, probably around another S$3K. Check out past and future trips at THIS website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizuma View Post
    With Apple Maps, we will drive right into the sea near the beaches...
    the maps are provided by TomTom.
    Objection !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shierwin View Post
    Singapore to Paris = 14,400 Km
    Say 18 days and 12 hours driving each day (perfect journey)
    So 14,400km/18days= 800Km/day
    Looks neat but need to clear numerous border controls, approvals, delays,detours...
    Good luck

    How are you goiing to bring the car back from paris?
    if cycle will take 72 days(25 km/h)-if ride 8hr per day. hmm...shiok !!!
    Objection !!!

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    Default Re: Driving to Paris

    knew a couple of French GIRLS who rode their bicycles from Paris to Singapore in the 80s took about 3+ months to get here

    Khoo Swee Chiow rode a bicycle from Singapore to Beijing

    Sypnosis from his book Singapore to Beijing on a Bike (2007) : "as he pedals across 8,000 kilometres into Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, before reaching his destination, Beijing. More than a travelogue, this positive, life-affirming account gives insight into what motivates the man, how even in his darkest, lowest moments, Swee Chiow finds hidden reserves to soldier on. "
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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