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Thread: Beef noodles GALORE!

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    Default Beef noodles GALORE!

    A gift from a friend who visited Taiwan..
    just taking a pic before it goes down the drain.. (literally)

    #2 is the best!.. got real beef.. yum yum.





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    Behind the viewfinder...


    the flash is bounced yes?... but the fundamental thing is that you haven't fill the very front of the packaging So set your product higher (the white band kinda distract, seamless background still works better) and bring your camera and flash back alittle (unless you have other good lightsources)

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    yup.. bounced but was trying hard to minimize the reflection of the flash on the front, even bounce lighting..

    The white band.. well, my whole house is surrounded by it.

    thanks for the tip.. was really quite near to the subj.. abt 15-20cm only.
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