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Thread: The Mysteries of EDMG

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    Default The Mysteries of EDMG

    as edna_mode's thread wif my post is deleted, my post again:

    "I noe for a fact that a recent model din even noe or agree to do the shoot that modelguru is doing. so now modelguru got pple sign up but can't do the shoot, he give all sort of reasons. go figure"

    edna_mode is same gang as modelguru, maybe a "makeup artist" under employ , or simply as they say, man in woman body.' sometimes also use velvet to bump self posts or spoil competitors shoots.

    guys n gers, be ware.

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    Default u are better than PI ..

    Your info is good

    Thanks for highlighting.

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    what? what? what happened?

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    transfer to kopitiam lah ...... this is a place for workshop

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    what? what? what happened?

    want to quarrel then all come out in the open. staying in the dark and point finger here there is childish mentality


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    some more all the quarrel party the post count so small who will want to believe?



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