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Thread: Lest We Forget

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    A Straits Times Photo Exhibition from 25th to 27th Feb at Paragon at Orchard Road opens at noon. Received this as email from so just share with you guys.

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    Guys.. for those who are into photojournalism..u might seriously be interested.. visited the exhibition today.. seriously.. i think it was good.. least it realli stirred my emotions.. there's also a slide show playing on a small screen.. overall.. i highly reccomend to take a look if u have the time

    jus to add...
    pls be mindful others are there to view the show.. do not jus cross in front of the projector.. (Sigh..singaporeans)

    also.. pls respect the nature of the exhibition... i was there when the parents were letting the kids play around, screaming.. pls respect urself and the others present.. thanks~

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    the exhibition is still sph news center at toa payoh north. very powerful and moving images on display. highly recommended.

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