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Thread: Nature At Our Doorstep (Tonight, 9pm at Arts Central)

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    Default Nature At Our Doorstep (Tonight, 9pm at Arts Central)

    If you are at home tonight, tune in to Arts Central at 9pm for "Nature at our doorsteps - Season II".

    During which the following will be aired:

    1) Beautiful nature shots taken by the Nature Photographic Society and some of the photographers are interviewed;
    2) How paper is recycled;
    3) Get to know Shawn Lum, Vice President of the Nature Society of Singapore and understand his love for nature
    4) HSBC volunteers with kids having a Fun with Mammals session at the Lower Peirce Reservior.
    5) Prof Leo Tan will also be talking about the elusive yet noisiest insect found in the forests, the cicadas.nature.

    Donít missed it!


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    Shawn Lum is a wonderful lecturer. Taught us before at school of bio. sci for a few lects.


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