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Thread: gig photography

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjackal View Post
    A pro-photog friend told me this incident he encountered recently where at a club photography gig event a young photographer had to be dragged out of the club as he is dead drunk and making a spectacle of himself.

    My first thinking was maybe he was paid in food and drinks so he made it worth it. Maybe in his mind it goes like "CB! KNN! Pay by food and drink only! I am going to get $200 per hour worth of alcohol! Now bartender give me another round of that long island. And that angmo style lamb satay too! Salute to him for making it a nightmare for the events company.

    willing shoot for food and drink,

    sound so beggar like that, are we really need go until that "贱"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonB View Post
    On the contrary, the people asking for free are often non-charity org, but small fry events companies, you shoot for them free today, next year they themselves might not be around anymore.
    Quote Originally Posted by Agetan View Post
    That's why it pays to get people who help your business rather then trashing it.
    Thats why some events companies fold up.

    The law of reciprocity had existed for thousands of years - even in animals.

    When word got around that a certain events company hire free or cheapo photographers, that events company also get 'branded' and you know will what type of clients will avoid them, and what type of clients will wear them out. Just like they wear out the those poor photographers.

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    I'd be willing to bet that the events company who want the freebies are going to refer you to other companies who will want at least one or more freebie shoots to see how good you are. It's a dead end street and one that has been flogged to death over the years around the world. This sort of freebie isn't worth it to be honest as it shows not only is the event company a bunch of swindlers but you will be short changed long term.

    Good luck if you take it, you'll need it.
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