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Thread: inside an old shed

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    Default inside an old shed

    Iso 1600.. handheld

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    Surprised no one comment on this.

    The idea is there, with enough different object in the pic for viewer to go through them.

    The light is not shining deep enough into the kitchen. Perhaps, you can wait for morning or evening depending on where the window on the left faced.

    It a little dark to me.

    Not sure if you have a chance to reshoot this. If yes, do show and pm me.

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    Had no chance at a second go at this , one visit only , 300 miles from home so no re-visit .
    i'm afraid this is it .


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    interesting picture...

    would agree with binbeto...more natural light in the shed would be better to see the items inside the shed.

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    Nice & Interesting picture. I save the pic on my computer and adjusted the gamma settings to brighten the picture. A lots of the details are missing here.
    Especially, the porcelin ware at the top rack.
    If there is more light, this will be a v nice picture indeed.
    Good effort

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    OK so the main feeling here is that it neds to be lightened .
    i personnally think that ruins the ambiance of the shot and the magazine editor was more than happy to hand over the cheque .
    but as i've kept the RAW image i've played around a bit , trouble with lightning it is that it increases the noise in the shadow area , could convert to mono and give it some noise to perhaps make it look like old 800asa slide film .
    But i decided just to lighten it , up the contrast and do a touch of dodging and burning on the shadows/highlights of the image .


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