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Thread: Op-ed: Why New Gear is Not Always the Best Gear

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    Default Op-ed: Why New Gear is Not Always the Best Gear

    A short piece raising the subjectivity of the current mindset that chasing after new gear is always the way to go.

    OP/ED: Why New Gear is Not Always the Best Gear

    Lusting after the latest and greatest new gear, can be a hindrance.

    If you take a look at the internet, itís easy to get caught in the ďLook how good this is, you should buy it nowĒ mentality.

    Most times things are incrementally better or so drastically different itís not what you were hoping for. In most situations what you need is already available. Itís proven & reliable. For the longest time you have seen fantastic images created with gear thatís already out or much older. Furthermore some of the images you really admire weíre shot on film or on cameras literally older than you. Itís all subjective really. If a new camera is released, and itís what you need, by all means, get it. Itís better to look at what you need instead of what people say you should have.

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    One rule I always tell myself is to rent and try the gear myself and do my own reviews.

    Many times the Internet is overflow with information and many can be misleading. You will always see the same gear chasers in forums around the world talking about the newest gear and buying them. Nothing wrong with that, but these people do influence people who are new and uncertain of what's best for their needs.

    Review sites are also another culprit. And frankly I am shock by some of the findings and conclusions from these review sites after trying the gears myself thru rental route.

    The sad thing I noticed is many people keep their gear in their dry cabinet most of the time after they bought the newest gear, more concerned about keeping the gear in "mint" condition so that they can sell easier when the next new gear is announced, rather than going out there to shoot more pictures. And they talk and talk and talk in forums about their newest state of the art gear.

    I guess that's what keep forums going, else many will close shop already

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    Default Re: Op-ed: Why New Gear is Not Always the Best Gear

    old is gold la. m42 lenses anyone ?

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    Default Re: Op-ed: Why New Gear is Not Always the Best Gear

    always remember this,

    you will push your own limit when you are being limited by external factors
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    All you need to know is how far you can push your gears for a decent shot and work around that. I had someone telling me my camera is old and lousy but I wondered if his shots are better than mine that day although he looks way much older than me.


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