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Thread: Digital Or Film

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    Default Digital Or Film

    On wat occasions will u use digital and on wat occasions film?
    Wat type of shots will u choose to use film than digital and visa versa

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    ooohhh noooooooooo, not again ......................... yet another digital vs analog.

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    First of all, you've got to understand that there are no rules governing the use of film or digital in any situation if you're given the choice. They're just different mediums of capturing images.

    Now for me, I would prefer film for landscape and architectural shots or when I'm travelling.

    The only time when I would prefer digital is doing documentation work for my projects. Most of these images only serves a certain lifespan and digital is definitely more economical as I used to shoot about 20-30 rolls per semester on documentation work alone. Also, shooting in digital allows me to convert the images into presentation panels without me wasting time waiting for the negs to be developed and then scan them into my computer.


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