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Thread: Advice on backpacking in China?

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    Default Advice on backpacking in China?

    Evensince my buddy got married last year, my travel trips have dropped to nil. Thought of travelling alone, but found it very awewards. Anyway thought might as well give it a try, by backpacking alone.

    Want to plan a back packing trip in China (Beijing - Gulin - Xian - Huangshan), about 10 days, starting from 2nd week of May. Anyone with information on:-
    a) Cheap accomdation in Beijing/Xi'an/Guilin;
    b) Transport modes from Beijing-Gulin-Xi'an;
    c) Do-not-miss attractions in Beijing and Xi'an?

    Any advice on Guilin and Huangshan e.g. accomdations, is also appreciated.


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    Haha, next time cio me lorrr.., i oso like travelling.

    In Beijing dun forget go to Pan Jia Yuan, a very big morning market selling artcraft. Very interesting to shoot also.
    Last time my trip only cover beijing only for 6 days., but stay in my friend's place.

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    The last time I was in Beijing in the months of May, it was very dusty. Sandstorms is a norm during this period of time. And although afternoon rain is quite common, the worst hit are in June-July. Definitely good to bring an umerella.
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    I would recommend that you try to hook up with the locals should you want to travel in China. At the very least, travel in packs.

    Most PRCs only know that foreigners are called Robert and that they are easy prey.

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    China? you love their toilets
    anyway, looking at your itineraries, 10days seems to be very packed

    when in beijing, of coz muz visit the great wall. imho, simatai (司马台 ) is beautiful!. xiang shan (香山 ) is beautiful during autumn for their red leaves.

    as for accomodation, there are plenty ..... btw the time you arrived at the city (via bus), many will be asking if u need accomodation.

    I tried youth hostel at changchunjie (长春街 ) called feiying (飞鹰 ) , not too bad la ... a few stops from qianmen (前门 )


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