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    I own an EOS 20D and shot some cover submissions using RAW format and then converted to TIFF. The images were rejected because they were too small (the required size was 300mm * 220mm). When I checked the image size data in Photoshop it shows 2336 * 3504 pixels and 247 * 164 mm document size. I had thought the shooting in RAW would give me a3+ size images so I'm confused why the image size appears so small in the image size info in PS and hence why the image size would be a problem for the magazine. On screen image sizing allows significant magnification before pixelation occurs. I know I can resize the image but then aren't I resampling and reducing image quality ??
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    C'mon how about a hint at least? I have read up on image size in PS and am still at a loss...resolution of this image was 360DPI?

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    U'll learn better if u do some research.
    goto , type in "what is DPI", & click search.

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    Fascinating....I learnt less than I already knew:

    "Dots Per Inch. A measure of the resolution of a printer, scanner, or monitor. It refers to the number of dots in a one-inch line. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution"

    Is anyone out there that is actually helpful on this topic?

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    From my reading...thanks AReality...looks like the maximum print size canon espouses is based on 72dpi resolution image....I guess this then means I need to adjust the raw output image to a suitable resolution prior to conversion....web posts indicate that 180dpi would be minimum acceptable ??

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    A good webiste for anyone that gets stuck on this issue:



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