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Thread: Master Photographers Association 2012 Far East Convention

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    Default Master Photographers Association 2012 Far East Convention

    2012 Diamond Jubilee Far East Convention


    Monday 26 November - Wednesday 5 December 2012

    Be inspired by 3 Dynamic Creative Photographers

    There is a special emphasis this year on developing your personal creative vision, establishing a reputation and using this to secure high value commissions.
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    Default Re: Master Photographers Association 2012 Far East Convention

    SKYE TAN FMPA - Monday 26 November - Friday 30 November 2012

    3 Day workshop
    9am - 6pm

    Skye's Intermediate Workshop Outline

    Group 1 Masterclass - 26 & 27November
    Group 2 Masterclass - 28 & 29 November
    Group 1 & 2 Photoshop Workshop 30November

    Group 1 - Monday 26 November
    Group 2 - Wednesday 28November
    - Introduction (course objective outline, group, models and makeup artist)
    - Intensive Studio lighting techniques solidifying the fundamentals of lighting
    ( working with Single, dual, triple light settings)
    - Advance Studio Lighting (working with mixed alternative light source)
    - students will be divided into groups, taking turn to shoot, direct, and assist each other
    using differing setups, to emote(posing and directing) the models.

    Day 2
    Group 1 - Tuesday 27November
    Group 2 - Thursday 29 November
    - Outdoor pre-shoot briefing (coordination of location equipments, logistics consideration,
    working with model, hair and makeup outdoor)
    -Outdoor shoot demonstration with an in depth introduction to work flow under natural
    setting using reflectors, available and external light source.
    - Students learn and get to experience and learn how to be spontaneous, give direction,
    and micro manage details in outdoor environment.
    - Hands on shooting by the students in groups.

    Group 1 & 2 Photoshop Workshop - Friday 30November
    - Photo Evaluation of student's work on day 1 and2
    - Photoshop Image Enhancement (Retouching)
    - Skin treatment:
    * (Understanding the semantics/characteristic of the tools)
    * (Skin retouching without losing textures)
    * (Correcting of uneven skin tone banding in critical condition)
    - Enhancement :
    * (Symmetry and feature enhancement )
    * (Techniques for Makeup enhancement)
    *(Advance colour and Contrast control using channels)

    Venue: Shriro House Pte Ltd, 11Chang Charm Road, 06 01 Shriro House, Singapore 159640

    Cost: MPA Members & Canon Imaging Academy Members: S$650, Non Members S$780

    Skye is a noted fashion photographer in the industry. His work has graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines and campaign billboards worldwide.

    His featured works can be found in magazines such as Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, L'officiel, August, Cleo, Tatler, Prestige,Arena, Designare, DAMAN, Female, Icon, Men's Folio, Nu You, Style, Urban,Sands, and Geil.

    Apart from his prolific influences in print and digital media scenes,Skye's works are now collected internationally by private investors and ateliers.

    Earlier this year Skye exhibited in a fine arts group exhibition entitled 'Extreme Beauty' in collaboration with Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (SCYA). The exhibition was held at Gallery Privee.

    Video Links: Skye's Vimeo Clip
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    Default Re: Master Photographers Association 2012 Far East Convention

    KEDA Z. FENG FMPA - Monday 3 December 2012, 9am to 6pm

    Keda.ZJourney (2006-2012)

    Canon Imaging Academy
    #01-09 Harbour Front Tower One
    1 Harbour Front Place Singapore 098633

    MPA Members & Canon Imaging Academy Members S$150
    Non Members S$185

    The advantages gained from recognition.

    Easy to understand techniques to produce that dramatic image every time.
    Light is the key of mood & how you see light
    • Theory from pre-production to post-production
    • Learn what & how the elements can create a Z. masterpiece
    • Live shooting demonstration
    • How ordinary to extraordinary & Z. style lightroom & photoshop techniques

    Keda.z has received numerous awards for his photographic works since 2009.

    Only a short period of two years, he has become the most awarded wedding & portrait photographer in Malaysia. In 2010, Keda.z obtained Licentiate and Associate level of qualification from Master Photographers Association, United Kingdom. In the same year, he has won multiple master photography awards for his work, including overseas Fashion & Beauty of the Year, Classical Wedding of the Year & Classical Portrait of the Year award in United Kingdom.

    Keda.z was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year & Print of the Year award by the Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM). In2011, once again and most recently has won Print of the Year and awarded The Best Male Photographer of the Year (WPPM). In 2011 March, he was the only Malaysian named as Malaysia's Top Award Winner by Master Photography magazine. In the same year of October, Keda.z was bestowed the tittle of Rest of The World Porfolio Photographer of the Year by the Master Photographers Association.

    In 2011 November, Keda.z achieved a Fellowship of Master Photographers Association, the highest qualification with the Association.The award is made for excellence in photographic technique and interpretation.
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    Default Re: Master Photographers Association 2012 Far East Convention

    CLARE LOUISE FMPA - Tuesday 4 December 2012, 9am to 6pm

    Canon Imaging Academy

    #01-09 Harbour Front Tower One
    1 Harbour Front Place Singapore 098633

    MPA Members & Canon Imaging Academy Members S$150
    Non Members S$185


    Intro slide show - a bit about me "from there to here" - creating a concept,inspiration and styling - styling the model live shoot - playing with light and posing - The important of "play days and personal projects fordeveloping you the creator and photographer" - the importance of findingyou to finding your style - "Love Hurts" the concept what makes it what it is? Questions and Answers

    Clare Louise a photographic artist, combines her natural ability to look beyond the surface and draw out what lies beneath with photography.

    Clare Louise has won many awards for her work including Master Photogapher UK Portfolio Winner 2011 and recently gained her Fellowship in Fine Art.

    Ask her to describe herself and she will laugh from the inside and reply 'certified dreamer and cheeky girl'.

    Special 2 day Rate Keda Z Feng FMPA & Clare Louise FMPA
    MPA Members & CanonImaging Academy Members S$240
    Non Members S$295
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    Default Re: Master Photographers Association 2012 Far East Convention

    Diamond Jubilee Far East Masters Print Competition

    Print Entries accepted
    Open to all qualified MPA members

    Classical Portrait
    Contemporary Portrait
    Classical Wedding
    Contemporary Wedding
    Wedding Art
    Pre Wedding
    Landscape & Travel
    Pictorial &Illustrative
    Commercial & Advertising

    Open Category - Open to non members as well as MPA members. Any type of image is accepted into this category

    Image size minimum 10"x8", maximum 16"x20"
    Also required jpg format file on CD/DVD or USB stick.
    Cost per entry S$5.

    Diamond Jubilee GALA PRESENTATIONS - Wednesday 5 December 2012

    Winners will be announced at the awards presentation on Wednesday 5 December watch this space for venue.

    Meet the MPA Team - Sunday 2 December 2012

    Venue: Vue Photography, #02 - 03a Shriro House, Singapore,159640
    Time: 9-6PM

    New members introduction to the MPA by Chief Executive Colin Buck.Upgrade your Qualifications
    Need help with your qualification? The following members are your mentors:

    Ryan Wong FMPA
    Tel: 82222552,97660226

    William Ng Tong Hng FMPA
    Tel: 065 625 685 56

    Mathew Tan FMPA
    Tel: 065 6235 7757

    Tristan Yeo FMPA
    Tel: 06596927409

    Skye Tan FMPA
    Tel: 065 67433580

    South East Asia Regional Contact Details

    Ryan Teck Yan Wong FMPA
    Vue Photography, #02 - 03a Shriro House, Singapore, 159640

    Telephone: 065 976 60226
    The Master Photographers Association, Jubilee House, 1 Chancery Lane,Darlington, County Durham, DL1 5QP.
    Telephone: +44 (0)1325 356555 | Fax: +44 (0) 1325 357813 |E-mail:
    Copyright 2012 Master Photographers Association


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