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Thread: NEX user from korea

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    Default NEX user from korea

    Dear ALL,

    i usually look around orchard or somerst, for SOny NEX lens.

    but I cannot find any shop there. only sell body and bundle lens.

    How can I get macro lens likes.

    In singapore, there is no offline market or online market?

    if you know good online market, please let me know.

    I only show the is available to delivery.

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    You can check the buy and sell corner here for 2nd hand stuff, or check out MS color at ang mo kio.

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    Look at the buy and sell section here, or ms color at ang mo kio, or (and I believe you're a tourist, staying in the city area) slr revo, 5th floor of funan near city hall. DO NOT buy from.any other shop, or from sim Lim, without checking with us first. Many cheats in the shops, only a few can be trusted

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    Default Re: NEX user from korea

    Quote Originally Posted by dmkim View Post
    i usually look around orchard or somerst, for SOny NEX lens.
    Wrong place, this area is for (rich) tourists. So either you will find prices for rich tourists or cheats for unknowing (& rich) tourists ...
    Do your homework first: check the models, check the prices for new and second hand. Sales man only want to sell, never assume they will give good recommendations. They will recommend whatever brings them money.

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    Default Re: NEX user from korea

    Google for
    1) MS colour
    2) SLR revolution
    3) TK Photo
    4) Alan Photo (Funan IT mall brunch)
    5) Cathay Photo

    Call them and ask if they carry the lens u want and how much so u can compare price.


    Go down to Funan IT mall go to all the above mentioned shop and ask for price B4 you buy.


    Ask if any1 in the forum willing to go down with you to be ur guide.


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