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Thread: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

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    Default ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    My 1st impression of the [O N A] Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack. Will update this thread as I take this bag out over the week.

    As a hobbyist that likes to take my camera every I go, my main criteria when searching for a camera bag is that the bag should not scream


    In addition, the bag should still be able to exude a sense of style and uniqueness whilst maintaining maximum functionality at the same time. For me, only Billingham and the less well known ONA have met the fore mentioned criteria. I own both the Billingham Hadley Small and ONA Union Street Messenger. Both these bags are messenger bags, not really the type of bag you want to use for prolonged periods of time even with a shoulder strap on. Thus when the need for me to purchase a camera backpack, the first thought that came to mind was Billingham and ONA. Unfortunately (atleast to the best of my knowledge), Billingham does not produce Backpacks, so it fell to ONA and the Camps Bay.

    Of course there were other alternatives like the Zkin Yeti.

    But with both bags costing in excess of SG$500, I decided to stick with the tried and tested ONA. At SRP SG$599, the price was a huge turn off, however as i desperately needed a backpack, I took the plunge.

    Presenting the Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack by ONA

    SGD$599 available at TKfoto

    ONA | DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack | Waxed Canvas and Leather Backpack
    Handsomely crafted with waxed canvas and detailed with dark truffle leather, the Camps Bay camera backpack is designed to hold an SLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, up to 7 additional lenses, most 17” laptops, and small personal items. All interior dividers are completely removable and adjustable to accommodate your gear. A special divider at the top of the bag creates a space of 4" - 7" to hold your personal items. A layer of air mesh along the back panel and thick padded shoulder straps equip the Camps Bay camera backpack to deliver on both comfort and style.

    Handcrafted with waxed canvas and leather
    Room for an SLR and up to 7 lenses
    Adjustable height personal items area
    Laptop compartment for up to 17" laptop
    Slim front organizer pocket
    Padded air mesh back panel
    Thick air mesh padding on shoulder straps
    Fully padded leather base
    Dimensions: 17"L X 12"W X 6"D
    This bag is by far the most beautiful backpack I've set my eyes on. Constructed with the same waxed canvas and leather strap as the ONA Union Street Messenger, The Camps Bay has the exact same build quality as its cousin - EXCELLENT

    The main compartment is extremely spacious. ONA rates it at 1 DSLR and 7 lenses. I dont have that many lenses to test out the rating, but this bag is more than capable of swallowing all my equipment and then some. There is ample padding on the interior, and at first glance, the padding is equivalent to the Union Street. I once dropped my Union Street from the back of a lorry, the height was probably around chest level. To my pleasant surprise, not a single dink or dent could be found on any of the lenses inside the bag. If anything, I can rest assured that my gear is more than adequately protected.

    Gripped 60D with 17-55, 10-22, 70-200 f4L IS, 600EX-RT, XE-1 with 35mm
    15" HP Laptop, ipod, lens pen, sunglasses, SD cards and loads more space for other misc items.
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    Default Re: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    With all my gear and laptop packed in, there is still room for me to pack in my notes too! Looks like I've gotten myself not just a camera bag, but a school bag as well! Awesome!

    Top Compartment for personal items and Laptop

    1 of the more awesome features of the Camps Bay, is the adaptability of the main compartment. As described in this image taken from ONA website, I am able to adjust not only the dividers in the main compartment, but the Top compartment as well.

    This suits me just fine as it is only on the rare occasion that I will need to lug all my gear out. Although it is a bit of a chore removing so many dividers at a go as the velcro is really sticky (sticky velcro is a good thing), having the ability to customize the interior according to my needs is a really handy feature to have. Though I will not recommend that anyone should frequently remove the dividers as the velcro causes the interior to fray prematurely.

    Side by side with my hadley small
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    Default Re: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    To be continued

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    Default Re: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    Good review man! Was on the fence deciding whether or not to get the back, and decided to get it this week. Cheers!

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    Default Re: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    can share some more closeup images of the stitchings and buckles ?
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    Default Re: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    Don: It is a fantastic bag, don't think you will regret splurging.

    ed: i'll update this thread when i have a bit more time. Currently preparing for NTU exams.

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    Default Re: ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack - First Impressions

    After using this bag for more than a month now, the bag is extremely comfortable to use. I can chuck a whole load of stuff into the bag and not feel the weight thanks to the padded cushions on the straps.

    Will update the thread with more pictures and tidy up the lay out shortly.


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