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Thread: need advice

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    I am pretty sure you can afford 2x D7000. They are at rock bottom prices right now. That is after selling your D5000 too.

    And in case I was misunderstood, I really wasn't kidding. Just get the more expensive option, which by the way, isn't a lot more. You get so much more from that few dollars.
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    Current 2nd hand price still variable .

    D5000 @ 650
    D5100 @ 550
    D7000 @ 950
    D90 @ 680
    D300 @ 850
    D300s @1100

    For me I would go D7k to be settle all.
    I believe you can saving a little bit and top up minor.


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    Default Re: need advice

    D7000 is a good deal.

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