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Thread: F1 sepang 18-20 march 2005 planning

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    Default F1 sepang 18-20 march 2005 planning

    from, does it mean that we got to buy tickets for the race + air ticket + hotel fees all lump together as a package? or is the ticket sales phase over already ..or can anyone who knows pls exlain how to go about doing it thnx. also when is the japan GT coming to seang again since they never mention clearly on the webpage

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    Hi user111,

    If you are interested to go for the F1 trip, I am organising for a group of friends to go to watch the race. I have already got 8 person in my group, but there is still 2 vacancies left if you are interested. Please refer to my thread at

    However, if you don't intend to join my group of friends, you can still PM me if you have any queries on the trip if you want to go by yourself. I will try to help to clear any doubts. Afterall, I am going there for the 5th time already. Cheers.

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    ok will read up asap


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