Date: 27th Oct (SAT)
Time: 1300hrs to 1700hrs
Location: Central *released to confirmed participants only*
Max Participants: 8


- basic photoshop techniques (smoothen skin, remove blemishes, focusing on eyes, changing skin tone, removing stray hair, discolor dark patches, adding contours, sharpening face shape, adjusting shadows/highlights)

- advanced photoshop techniques (adding dramatic effects, creating fog, painting with light, bringing out colors, darkening background, playing with curves/level, using colors for different moods, removing unwanted shapes/details)

REG FEE: $100 *early bird promo* / $120 after
*pls deposit the amount to posb savings 195-182-116 to enjoy the early bird promo

Contact Haru at 9179 9694 for bookings