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Thread: Photography trip to Yuanyang (Yunnan), China

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    Default Photography trip to Yuanyang (Yunnan), China

    Hi all,

    I will be leading a photography trip to yunnan, China in March 2005 over the Good Friday week. If you are interested, please sign up with X-trekkers or give them a call to find out more (

    The group will be kept to a maximum of 8 to facilitate better learning and shooting experience. This trip will be run like a photo workshop for photographers to learn from me and one another. We will travel by vans, so as to facilitate the transportation of all camera equipment. Please visit my website ( to look at the kinds of travelling that I do and the photos that I take.

    Chih Wey


    19-27 Mar 9-Day Photography Trip to Yuanyang - China
    This trip will be led by an experienced photographer who will bring you to wonderful places to capture the beautiful sceneries of "South of Clouds".

    This trip is for those who love nature photography. There are ample opportunities to take beautiful nature of the rice terrace and thee yellow platform of "youcai" flowers. For rightfully calling ourselves as travelers or eco-tourists, we need to bring along some willingness to learn more about the tropical and subtropical nature of the area.

    Date: 19-27 Mar
    Group Size: 05/08 (Min/Max)
    Price: S$1,430

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    Default More details - Itinerary

    Date: 19-28 March (TG)/ 20-29 Mar (MI)
    Leader: Chih Wey

    Itinerary (Subject to changes)
    Day 01 SIN - KMG
    Overnight in KMG

    Day 02 KMG - Luoping
    Depart from Kunming (??) to Hong He Prefecture (???), overnight at Luo Ping (??)
    Things to See: Beautiful sunset

    Day 03 Luoping
    Things to See: Beautiful youcaihua.

    Day 04 Luoping - Yuanyang
    Depart for Yuanyang ???
    Things to see: Beautiful sunset

    Day 05-06 Yuan Yang County ???
    Wake up at 5am to capture sunrise at terrace farms (??) in Yuan Yang County.
    Things to see: mountain villages and scenery of remote places

    Day 07 Yuanyang - Jian Shui County (???)
    Depart for Jian Shui County (???) after morning photo trip.
    Arrival in Jian Shui County at around 3pm for overnight stay.
    Things to see: Old town architecture

    Day 08 Jian Shui County (???) - KMG
    Journey back Kunming passing through Tong Hai County (???) and Jiang Chuan County (???).
    Thing to see: Lakes and mountainous scenery.

    Day 09 KMG
    Kunming Free & easy

    Day 10 KMG - SIN
    TG 613 Dep Kunming, China 15:20, Arr Singapore 21:20

    Land Cost per person -
    based on 5-8 pax - S$ 1430 (TG)/ S$ 1520 (MI)

    includes: Airfare to Kunming by Thai Airways or SilkAir (MI), experience photographers as leader and driver, land transport, accommodation, all meals except in KMG
    excludes: airport taxes (S$140-TG, $132-MI), China Visa, Visa application fees (Singaporeans need not apply), tips, meals in KMG, personal expenses, entrance fees, Travel Ins

    TG 402 Q 19Mar SINBKK 0820 0940
    TG 612 Q 19Mar BKKKMG 1055 1405
    TG 617 Q 28 Mar KMGBKK 1815 2100
    TG 403 Q 28 Mar BKKSIN 0800 1115

    2,4,7: MI 912 20 Mar SINKMG 0810 1200
    2,4,7: MI 913 29 Mar KMGSIN 1300 1715


    - 50% Deposit will be collected upon confirmation
    - Full payment to be made two weeks before departure


    > 30 days - 15% of cost
    15-30 days - 25% of cost
    11-14 days - 50% of cost
    4-10 days - 75% of cost
    3 or less days - 100% of cost

    Payment should be made in favour of “X-TREKKERS ADVENTURE CONSULTANT PTE LTD” by any of the below:-

    i) Cheque to X-Trekkers Adventure Consultant Pte Ltd and mail to
    1 Coleman Street #01-04 Singapore 179803
    Please state behind the cheque the purpose of payment.

    ii) Credit to bank account
    Bank Name: Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)
    Bank Branch: Clementi Branch
    Account No: 522-076249-001
    Account Name: X-Trekkers Adventure Consultant Pte Ltd

    As soon as the payment is made, please send the bank-in slip or receipt (enlarged and darkened) by email ( to us.

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    This is one heck of an interesting trip, make me so tempted to abort my ChiangMai trip

    To facilitate member at a glance, you may want to break down the S$1,430 cost.

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    Default Breakdown of cost

    Basically if you look at the email, the majority of the cost goes to buying the air-ticket (Thai Airways or Silkair). The rest if the cost for local transportation for the 8 days of travelling in-country, accomodation and food. Of course, there's also the cost of having me as the tour leader and the premium charged by the travel agency, X-Trekkers.

    Anyone interested should confirm as soon as possible so as to allow more time to book the air-tickets (before 4 March 2005). If not, we might not be able to get the flight that we want. Thai Airways does not fly direct to Kunming, so the flight takes almost a whole day to reach there. Silkair is a direct flight, but more expensive. It takes only about 5 hours to reach Kunming from Singapore.


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    Default Latest update

    Right now, I have 4 persons more or less confirmed going on this trip. Anyone else would like to go, please give me a call or email me as soon as possible. Just another one and this trip is a go!!! Don't wait anymore.

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    Can u confirm if mid Mar can still see youcaihua at luoping?
    I heard after end Feb, no more flowers to see.

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    the youcaihua at luoping is indeed a jaw dropper. excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CKW

    Can u confirm if mid Mar can still see youcaihua at luoping?
    I heard after end Feb, no more flowers to see.
    Yes, it will still be in season! Sorry for the late reply.

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    wah i very very tempted haha, but no $$ leh... somemore i dun have good WA lens ...

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    I am not writing here to joing the trip. Just want to say that Hedgehog, you have great pictures. Travel photography is one of my fav. Cheers

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    Thanks PhotoGuy


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