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Thread: indoor group shots lighting setup

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    Default indoor group shots lighting setup

    hi all,
    i'm used to street photography n now im trying to embark on indoor strobist kind of potraits. actually i was thinking to capture indoor group photo in a normal HDB, say a family of 3-4 pax. i understand there are wide variety of ways to do up the lightings. but is there most effecient and low cost lighting setup (i need to rent coz i dun own any lighitngs, just a sb 700) that can achieve great results? for instance, a one lighting system? strobes or speedlights? i hope those experienced strobist out there could enlighten me on this situation.

    thank you,

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    Default Re: indoor group shots lighting setup

    speedlite is good enough, maybe need two to cover enough area for a group photo. flash on group photo is tricky, read up on "Inverse square law".

    get some lightstands and softboxes. but first grasp the basic fundamental of flash photography.
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    Default Re: indoor group shots lighting setup

    Quite a few similar threads... Have you bothered to search? At all?

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    Default Re: indoor group shots lighting setup

    if the HDB living room is white ceiling and white walls,
    than two MIC manual flash, two light stand, is good enough,

    one flash bounce at the walls behind you as fill,

    one flash bounce at the ceiling slightly off center as key, either on your camera left or right.

    I don't recommend using more direction light for lighting newbie, if some body is in shadow cast by another person, you won't know where the light come from, and where the light goes, it will take you many tries to get the light right.
    so keep it simply.
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    Default Re: indoor group shots lighting setup

    This video might help you..

    You can use a couple of China manual flashes bounced off the walls instead of strobes.

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    Default Re: indoor group shots lighting setup

    Just do ceiling bounce flash with the SD700, put a bounce card for some front fill.

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