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Thread: Anyone has metal film case for bulk loading?

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    Default Anyone has metal film case for bulk loading?

    anyone has xtra film case (spool?) to sell? i need for bulk loading ...

    BTW, canister is the plastic container right, not the metal case?

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    you mean the metal cassette (or whatever it's called) that will contain your rolled 36-frame film? the thing that you will put into your camera?

    for those you can just go to a photo lab and ask the people to give you the used empty cassettes (canisters?).

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    yah i'm referring to the cassettes ... u mean they will give u ... hmm ... kk tmr i'll give it a try .. but kinda paiseh ...

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    the last time i tried the lab people were just surprised why anybody wanted them... anyway apparently they just dump all the used cassettes (or canisters... or cans... dunno) at the end of the day.


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