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Thread: 50mm Project Outing

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    Default 50mm Project Outing

    I am in the midst of planning a 50mm Project Outing. And I'm open to suggestions as to where we can go for a shoot.

    Let me explain what this '50mm Project' is.

    In a 50mm Project outing, we will all meet at a set location, perhaps, Orchard Road. We will all walk along the same street, taking our camera fitted with a 50mm lens or a 75/80mm lens if u using medium format and start shooting anything that catches your eye. It may be a sculpture, the floor tiles, a butterfly, anything. When we finish, we'll send out slides to be processed, and we'll meet up another time and share our photos. This way, we can learn to be more observant to things around us when we take photos.

    The purpose of this group is to bring to life the lost cause for the standard lens. Many years ago, before the introduction of autofocus cameras, most cameras are sold with the 50mm lens. I think of of the reasons why this is so is because the angle of view of a 50mm lens is almost that of the human eye, about 43 degrees (Approx.).

    Nowadays, they are sold with zoom lenses from 28mm-80 or 90mm. With the introduction of zoom lenses, we tend to grow lazy and zoom in when we want a closeup and zoom out when we want to have a wide angle. Using only one lens will make us think before we shoot. how we want to compose out shots, and if we want a closeup, we'll have to move forward, and move backwards if we want to have a wide perspective. I'm sure with this in mind, our photography skills will improve.

    For those who are interested, you can join urself to the 50mm Project group on yahoo. U'll have to get a yahoo id before you can join it though. Here's the link.

    Hope to see u all there...!!
    Matthew Seeto

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    seeto, nice project here... btw i guess most likely we will have more digital users, y not just print the pics out via a printstation?

    this is something like the previous 12mb project, i reckon that maybe incorporate both together?
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    Think a Canon/Nikon lower end DSLR will need to have 28 or 35mm to be near 50mm (to a 35mm format FOV). Why of all 50mm? I use 24mm one leh.... my eye view is nearer to 24mm

    Dun think need to be slide users only. Can be negative or digital? But it does not affect the way I see things.... haha


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