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A hands-on oriented course to explore the fine art of printing Black & White photographs. A well rounded photographer ought to be well versed in both photographic and darkroom skills. Through the darkroom process, one will be able to control and better appreciate the tonal range and composition of the photograph. This course offers excitement and self satisfaction in watching images appearing from the dark. Upon completion of the course, the students are required to submit a portfolio of 6 pictures for assessment. A course certificate will be issued to students who clear the assessment.
Duration : 7 weeks, 2 hours per session
Course Fee : S$180 (member), S$280 (non-member)
Language : English/Mandarin
Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course and B/W Printing Course
Instructor : Goh Kim Hui

Course Syllabus
(Students of this course must have knowledge of basic photography or the use of a 35mm camera)

1 Outing

2 Preparing the chemical in darkroom (Practical)
Making a test strip (Practical)
Process your own B/W film (Practical)
Making a contact sheet (Demonstration)

3 Making a print (Practical)
Burning and dodging a print (Practical)
Making a 8" by 10" enlargement (Practical)

4 Bath relief

5 Tonal effect
(High contrast film)

6 Sebastian Effect

7 Retouching of prints
Mounting of prints

Note: The course fee includes the chemical and paper.

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