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Thread: Night Photography( starts on 31 MArch 2005)

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    Arrow Night Photography( starts on 31 MArch 2005)

    Hi everyone............

    This course enables the students to have a better understanding on night photography with the various shooting techniques and help them overcome the fear of exposure problems. Students shall also learn the creative use of flashlight. Students may like to have their images taken during the shoot to be scanned into Kodak PhotoCD and have the chance to use the Society’s large format Epson Stylus 7600 professional printer for printing. Upon completion of the course, the students are required to submit a portfolio of 6 pictures for assessment. A course certificate will be issued to students who clear the assessment.
    Duration : 5 weeks, 2 hours per session
    Course Fee : S$120 (member), S$220 (non-member)
    Language : English/Mandarin
    Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
    Instructor : Goh Kim Hui, Darren Tong

    Course Syllabus

    1. Introduction to Night Photography
    a. Understanding of light conditions at night.
    b. Types of File ASA
    c. Effects of film

    2. Exposure level and lighting condition
    a. Types of exposure to look for
    b. What meter system to use
    c. Subject that is suitable for night photography

    3. Outdoor Photography – Practical Session

    4. Use of flashlight in Night Photography
    a. Use of fill in flash light at night
    b. How to play with flashlight using long exposure shoots
    c. Special effects with light

    5. Outdoor Photography – Practical Session

    DO not hesitate to drop us an e-mail at for more details.

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    Class due to start on 31 March....
    Any keen takers>

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    Attendance for Night Photography:
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