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Thread: Digital Darkroom ( starts on 8 MArch 2005)

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    Hei all.....

    Advancement in technology has made learning image manipulation very easy and cost effective. Discover the Power of Digital Imaging and learn how to perform image manipulation using software. Students may like to have their images taken during the outing to be scanned into Kodak PhotoCD and have the chance to use the Society’s large format Epson Stylus 7600 professional printer for printing. Upon completion of the course, the students are required to submit a portfolio of 6 pictures for assessment. A course certificate will be issued to students who clear the assessment.
    Duration : 6 weeks, 2 hours per session
    Course Fee : S$200 (member), S$300 (non-member)
    Language : English/Mandarin
    Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
    Instructor : Goh Kim Hui

    Course Syllabus

    1. Digital vs Conventional Photography
    The Transformation from Conventional to Digital Photography
    Silver Halide Film Base to CCD
    Types of digital cameras, storage and accessories

    Digital Imaging Basic
    Bit, pixel, resolution; Image mode and format
    Colour Theory: RGB, YMCK and their Relation

    2. Practical Outing Session (Sunday)

    3. Digital Darkroom
    Setting up a digital darkroom
    Digital Input: Camera Photo CD, Scanned Image
    Digital Output: Injet, Dye-sub, Chemical Process
    Tools Filters and Effects

    4. Digital Retouching, Burning and Dodging
    Hands-on and Tips on Printing

    5. Creative Software Applications
    Creating Layer and Mask
    Superimposed and Multiple Images
    Creating Path

    6. Creating a Personal Website
    Upload of images and website
    Assessment briefing

    DO drop us an e-mail at for more information.

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    Class due to start on 15 MArch 2005(Tue)


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