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Thread: Relevant Knowledge malware

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    Default Relevant Knowledge malware

    Quote from

    "Relevant Knowledge monitors browsing habits and purchasing activities. The data collected is sent to the creator of the application or third-parties. It displays surveys in a pop-up window. Relevant Knowledge uses Internet connection in the background without a userís knowledge and in some cases may even affect Internet connection speed because your Internet connections will go through its own proxy. Relevant Knowledge is bundled in many freeware and commercial applications and it is introduced to a user when those commercial or free products are installed. It could be Windows screensavers, themes, games, etc."

    Have recently come across few "free" or "giveaway" softwares which would install Relevant Knowledge into your PC, if you were not vigilant to spot it and cancel the installation.

    Usually it is mentioned in a small part within the EULA.

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    Default Re: Relevant Knowledge malware

    eh, is that a windows application?

    no windws, no problem!

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    Remember that nothing is truly free


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