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Thread: Newbie here: Searching for High Res Images

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    Default Newbie here: Searching for High Res Images

    Hi Everyone,

    I am Dawn. I was recommended by my friend to come by this community to get advice about acquiring images.

    I am setting up a cosmetic online web store now and would like to have really pretty high res banner images for each page of my webpages such as close up shots of make up brushes etc.

    Can you guys share any good websites that I can get high res images from (other than istock and getty) and they are not very expensive? My budget is around SGD30 per picture.. :/

    Thanks everyone for your help! Even though I know the best costsaving way is to do my own photoshoot of the products..that would be Plan B. Haha.


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    Post an ad at the services wanted section of the forum and discuss rates with anybody that gives u an offer?
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    Default Re: Newbie here: Searching for High Res Images

    It doesn't need high-res pics for a website. You will waste space and bandwidth. Keep in mind not every visitor will come with 24 inch screens and 6Mbps bandwidth. Don't mistake close-ups for high-res.

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    Default Re: Newbie here: Searching for High Res Images

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    Default Re: Newbie here: Searching for High Res Images

    yes, you don't need very large file for web use.
    take istockphoto for an example, average USD$12-$20 for a medium file, longest length about 1700 pixel, which will fit in your budget nicely,
    just purchase whatever images suit you and you can use it on your web within an hour.
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    Default Re: Newbie here: Searching for High Res Images

    don't mistake sharp pictures for high-res. One of the worst "newbie website designer" mistakes is to use high-resolution images (that can be 5-20MB EACH) in their website, and think that just by specifying smaller dimensions in the HTML that the image will be smaller too - it's NOT, it just downloads the whole huge thing then makes it fit the frame you specified.

    Realistically you do not need any images greater than 1200px wide.


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