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Thread: Valentine's blue?

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    Default Valentine's blue?

    Any guys here who is feeling the Valentine's blue today and don't have any mood for anything, and dont feel like working with their pc, ... maybe you want to spend the next half-hour lightly... read our favourite CS member/cum/model here >>> and have a good laugh

    thanks poi poi for your inhuman sense of humour (sibei entertaining) ......
    the part about the gfs and the reactions of their bfs is classic!
    "The funninest thing is the bf dun dare to make ANY noise hor, especially when the gf's eyes shoot sibei fast daggers at the bf, the guy will just look down quickly and gobble his food.

    I am not saying this kind of behavior is not good lar but i find it amusing. It shows how powerful women are now which is quite terrifying. (not for me though, the male species to beware) I can agar forsee the future of those guys that they are turing into a henpecked husband)"
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    always the Light, .... always.

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    Haa haa.. good read an laugh

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    I just happen to be very free and browse thru this forum...

    didnt know got someone advertise for me...thanks hor


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