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Thread: Need Help to Recover Image

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    Default Need Help to Recover Image

    Just wondering if there are any other freeware that can help recover images from a CF card. Already tried the Lexar Image Rescue, but did not work.

    Shot a whole 2GB CF card, then downloaded the files into partable disc and deleted the card. Reused the card to shoot another full 2GB. Accidentally deleted some of the downloaded files and cannot retrieve from the portable drive ... Trying to recover from the card now.

    The second shoot is still in the card, so the last deleted one should be the most recent ones ... but Image Rescue keeps recovering only the files in the CF card ...

    Anyone got any other ideas how to get back the last deleted files?

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    I have a feeling that you're out of luck as you said that you shot another full 2GB filling the card.

    Try this one ... PC Inspector from Maybe you can use it on your portable drive and see what it can pick up.

    Good luck.

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    You can try the software on this site to recover from your memory card or portable storage.

    Good luck!!


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