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    Is there a group who shoot birds?
    Would like to try.
    I have gone to Bird Park, Mandai Zoo, Japanese Garden, Chinese Garden, Sungei Buloh and Pulau Ubin.
    Using 70-200 with 2x TC + DX mode to give 400 to 600mm FOV.
    I don't know which location and the timing to shoot birds. So only have the common ones.
    Would like to join a group to shoot birds and learn more about the subjects as well as ethics (if any).

    Didn't post at World of Nature bcos that's a gallery section. Already searched forum with keywords like birding but nothing comes up.

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    Read the sticky in the World of Nature section. Lots there about ethics.

    As for prime locations, time for you to explore this tiny island and find some nice locations for yourself. Use a map and common sense and you're 80% there.

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    Location: Singapore not that big, you can pretty much cover most places in a number of weekends.
    Just to add some locations: Pasir Ris Park, Lorong Halus, Bidadari, Bukit Brown etc.

    Timing: Luck and perseverance.

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    Early birds catches the worm. There have to be some truth in this phrase so best timing is early morning and evening. The rare birds will have to depend on luck. Now is the season for migratory shorebirds. Check the tidal timing and head for the beach area. Beginers will have problem identifing the rare shorebirds from the common ones. But with 70-200, it will be very very hard to shoot shorebirds. Good luck

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    Other then looking up in the trees for birds, do be careful of the surroundings too...

    if you are birding in bidadari area, there is a tarmac path with a small drain by the side that is concealed by grass.... and there a few potholes that are concealed by grass too... so watch where you are stepping when you are going "off track"... literally
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    ahhhh just the RIGHT time of the year to go birding

    With winter climate just around the corner, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is going to be teeming with migratory birds from the north from now till Feb/March


    ONLY the Kranji Nature Trail (linking Sungei Buloh to Kranji Reservoir) is closed

    ::: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve :::

    Nature Society of Singapore is another good source

    Nature Society (Singapore)
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close


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