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Thread: Sentosa Flower

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    Cool Sentosa Flower

    Sunny is the word for sentosa when i went on the 2nd day of CNY. Nevertheless, had a wonderful time with my gf. Here are some of the shots for the Flower Sentosa. I alway like to add abit of humors in my fotos. Hope u like them. Oh ya, pls do give me some constructive feedbacks/comments. Thanks alot!

    #1 - The Odd One OUT

    #2 - Father @ work

    #3 - Tip of the day - Blend with the enviroment.
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    #4 - Purple Craze (I LOVE PURPLE)

    #5 - Family Enlightment

    #6 - Where Is The Toilet?

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    #7 - Toilets Que

    Below are another 2 shot of small little "angmo" kid i find at the beach. They are so cute that i do not have any reason not taking their photos.

    #8 -Sexy Babe (In Times To Come)

    #9 - Gentlemen (In Times To Come)

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    I like the Purple craze!

    The "odd one out" is a little distracting cos of the surrounding is almost green color(leaves) and quite sharp. Maybe change the settings so that the green orange stands out.

    The toilet maybe it'll be better if the first is sharp and the rest is a little blurred.

    The rest are very good shots! JMO.

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    Oh. Thanks for ur comments. I will take ur point seriously. =) cheers!


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