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Thread: need advice on zoom lens

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby94 View Post
    hi i have another question, i wonder the Non-IS the lens able to do sport photography? eg. soccer games or other sports event
    will it came out blur?
    thank you so much

    For outdoor sport like soccer, in order to freeze the action with sharp image, usually I set the shutter speed to 1/500 - 1/1000 sec with shutter priority setting and adjust the ISO accordingly. For continue shooting AF mode to AI Servo for continue tracking of the moving object.

    When you mention blur image, it can result in two possible outcome:

    1. Out of focus for fast moving object, high shutter speed and AI Servo will help.
    2. Fast action image blur, use higher shutter speed will help.

    In summary, for sport event usually we shoot at least 1/250 sec and faster, to answer your question : IS do not help here.
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    Default Re: need advice on zoom lens

    alright get it now, thank you for enlightening me
    gonna get 70-200 instead

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    My usual advise, rent first so you can try those lenses. I suggest to rent a 70-200 f2.8 right away so you can try shooting at f2.8 and f4.

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    at high shutter speeds IS doesn't help much. IS effectiveness kicks in at lower speeds .

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    I agree, 70-200 f4 L is tack sharp. No need IS, just don't forget to set the correct shutter speed! hahaha

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