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Thread: Working Title: Boys by the River

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    Default Working Title: Boys by the River

    Hello All!

    Below is my submission for critique.

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?
    Composition, exposure.

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    To show that being happy is just having good company.

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Around 6pm, at the Singapore River near UOB building

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    Initially, I thought the boys were getting close to river to play with the water, which is dangerous. However, they settle down by the edge and just talked. They seemed to be sharing something funny, when I decided to take a few shots. I think I have captured that moment, just 2 boys enjoying each others company without any electronic gadgets or toys. Nothing fancy, just a simple laugh, with no care in the world.

    Thanks all for dropping by. Cheers !

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    Default Re: Working Title: Boys by the River

    In my opinion, the photo looks like a little bit over exposure. (maybe lower the ISO is a good choice) Also, if the boys eyes were opened in the photo, it would be better.

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    Default Re: Working Title: Boys by the River

    In this scene, the water is causing too much distraction because of overexposed issue. The overexposed is probably caused by the direct sunlight falling on it. Before taking the photo decide what you want to omit from your photo & what is the most
    important subject. Crop out what you don't want, include what is the most interesting subject. And also look at the scene, see which is the shadow & hightlight. Would shadow be too dark or hightlight too bright. Keep shooting & enjoy yourself.


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