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Thread: Orange 3 wheeler..

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    Default Orange 3 wheeler..

    Jus some snap shots on this thingy I saw today in Wisma carpark.. after a disappointing visit to Nikon Service Center..

    Taking up a parking lot in fact

    Anyone know what made is this thingy?

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    Default folded in 2003

    New owners took over in 2004

    No comparison to the Smarts or the Prius and Insights....

    correct idea, too much weed while designing it...

    one of the biggest jokes ard...
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    Hmm, mask up the number plate eh...

    cute car, looks like a small cucumber..

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    it was on channel 5 about a month ago. some english dude. spent like 80k sgd to bring it here and register it here. one of the things that confounded the customs and LTA was that it weighs more than a motorcycle (so should be catogrised as a car) but has a smaller engine displacement than a car and has 3 wheels (so should be be catogrised as a motor cycle).

    at least thats what i remember. CMIIW.

    forgot to add: i think lta and customs changed the law for imports of e-vehicles coz of this ... so SGP can now have e vehicles. wonder if that includes e wheelchairs... (4 wheels, electric power...)
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