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Thread: Help! Taking wedding photos for the first time!

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    Default Help! Taking wedding photos for the first time!

    I have not done any formal training for wedding photos, have just been borrowing books from the library like anything. This is for my sister's wedding coming up in 2 weeks' time in Malaysia. She is relying on me for help as I am the only one in the family with an SLR (GULP!) and she is relatively short on cash so no professional photographer.

    Questions for the experts:
    1. What kind of ISO film would I need? Colour film. (Yes, I am somewhat lagging behind the times) I have been shooting mainly with slides so have not much experience with what type of film (brand and ISO) would I need?

    2. How many rolls of film should I buy? may seem like a silly question but I don't want to end up with too many rolls of film or too little. The day will start with her getting ready, the ceremony at a country club, tea ceremony followed by the reception at lunch time.

    3. I only have one camera. Where can I get a hold of another camera (to rent) so that I have a backup camera?

    4. She is getting married in some sort of a club, and she mentioned the swimming pool was nice. shots next to a swimming pool? Would that seem a bit strange?

    5. Extra tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    SMS me your email 9366 5287, I can help you.


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