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    Default cheaper mobile line

    Appreciate if any one here can enlighten me regarding this type of mobile usage by dialing to a servo and hung up. A while later, a call will be received through your mobile and it will become incoming call.
    I heard that it cause only 5 cents per call. Wondering how true is this!

    Thank you in advance

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    I think the technology is pretty true. But line congestion during peak periods can be irritating.

    Some other things you can try to lower your phone bill :
    - Most companies have corporate plans with the telcos. Call the telcos and ask if your company has a corporate plan with them? Most telcos offer 20-30% off the price plans for corporate plans

    - Pick a plan where you get incoming calls free. When u call someone, ask if that person can call you back using a land line.


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    I use my mobile very often in work.

    My advice is....

    Ask urself whats ur mobile usage pattern?
    Do you.

    1) Make Multiple SHORT calls (less than 2 mins or 1mins)

    2) Or Do you make Fewer calls but LONGER durations..(ard 30mins+) like explaining an essay to a client?

    3) Do you need to call overseas or to someone roaming overseas? (Starhub has some plans with free overseas call)

    If your pattern is That of (1), Then DO NOT, get Singtel. Go for StarHub

    I made a TERRIBLE mistake of switching to Singtel's FREE INCOMING from STARHUB's FREE INCOMING. (thinking Singtel has better network and since both is free incoming why not)

    Since my calls are mostly short and numerous, the 6 second block Charging by Singtel and the PER-SECOND billing of Starhub, makes a HELL of a lot of difference.

    Try getting 400 calls (or more) rounded off per month, and the few cents isnt so cheap any more.

    The bill Almost DOUBLED.

    By comparing my OLD bill of Starhub and Singtel, my usage pattern hasnt change much, in terms of how many incoming and outgoing but the Diff in Bill is HUGE. I suspect its the per-second billing.

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    you make a good point winston.
    i gotta remember that. sometimes, it's the small things that matter. and unfortunately, they are easily overlooked....

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    I'm with M1 so far so good better not try using other unname company coz chances of getting cheat is 99%
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