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Thread: pls help on CF card

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    Default pls help on CF card

    a digi-newbies need your kindly help :

    how faster is the high speed card? is it applied only to CF card? or SD card also has high speed card? for CF card, is it that Type II is high speed, and Type I is the "slow" one?

    I just got a Canon S60, have not bought any high capacity card yet...
    there is a 512M CF for sale here:

    is it a high speed one?

    Thank you folks..


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    according to dpreview, the 'problem' of slow read/write speeds lies with the camera.
    a quote, "The S60 doesn't start writing immediately after taking the shot, it takes 1.6 seconds for JPEGs or 1.9 seconds for RAW to process before the write begins. Hence the actual write speed on this SanDisk Ultra II card was around 950 KB/sec which is about what we expect from a compact consumer digital camera although it's certainly not pushing the capabilities of the card. More annoying can be the 1.3-second delay when browsing images in play mode, Canon should really work on this."

    i dunno if a high-speed CF will help u out in anyway. phil askey was using a pretty fast card already, in his test.
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    I guess most prob is just a normal speed card...maybe ard 4x or 12x maybe..just my guess onli...

    but nightwolf75 is right....even if u purchased a reali high speed card, ur cam may not be able to utilise fully it at all also.....tink the diff is realli quite minimal comparing a high speed and norm speed......but the diff will be more obvious when u were downloading from the card reader to ur comp.....

    but $60 for a 512MB is quite gd....just format it and test a few shots 1st b4 buying it....


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