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Thread: PSS(Photo Sharing Shoot) #01 - 10 February 2005

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    Default POSS(PhotO Sharing Shoot) #01 - 10 February 2005

    Date: 10 February 2005
    Time: 12pm onwards
    Location: Istana Park
    Maximum group size: 5 pax
    Criterion: Any age, gender, race, religion, nationality, equipment etc.

    1. Of course is to take photographs etc.

    2. This is POSS because I'm intending to ask each of the photographer to select some of their best photos of the day and share among the whole group. More details as below:

    - Each person can take unlimited shots.
    - Each person would have to select 8 best shots taken during the outing. The 8 photos would be printed out in 4R size and distributed among the rest for sharing purposes. (total quantity is 8 x (no. of photographers -1) So everyone would have a set of 8 photos of one another's selection.
    - A date would be fixed for a gathering so that the shots can be distributed.
    - The meeting can be to critic the photos etc. So everyone is encouraged to bring along other photos as well which need not be restricted to those taken during the outing.
    - Everyone is entitled to select one shot of every other photographer and receive that print in S8R.
    - I would leave the collection of the S8R prints to the discretion of the group's discretion.

    Things to note:
    - This has absolutely no relation to any organisation, society or company. My apologies if the previous title of PSS has confused some. I did consider that but I did not really think it was an issue.
    - The copyrights of the photographs would still belong to the original photographer.
    - No commercial usage of the photographs would be allowed.
    - The actual prints would have to consist of the photographer's full name (compulsory), and caption if he wishes to.
    - Each one would have to pay for the costs of printing etc. But since everyone would receive the same exact amount of prints as he prints out, he would infact be losing nothing at all.
    - My aim is to encourage interaction, learning and sharing among and from one another.
    - I'm not a expert here but I would try to share what I know and I hope the rest can do the same too.

    Anyone who joins the shoot must agree to the above.

    Please add on to the following list if you are going. I would finalise this list by 2359 09 February afterwhich I would send a PM to the ones in the list. I would expect a reply to me of your contact number and confirmation by 9am 10 February.

    1. meng
    END of list. No adding after here.
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    1. meng
    2. denniskee
    END of list. No adding after here.
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    okie, time's up. Due to the short notice, it's still opened to anyone who's interested, till 10am 10 February. Pls add your name here and PM me your contact number.
    Meanwhile, I have sent a PM to those in the list. As long as there are 2 in the group, I would still proceed.

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    Default a pity

    i wanted to join but i dated my friends to be my model for shooting so i cant turn up. i don dare to ask u all out coz the model was not a proffessional but just help mi out. she was oni pleasant look. i hope that next time u could contact mi mi if 21 male. looking for to learn new thing.

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    hot weather n long queue today. but the shoot still carried on

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    Hi Meng,

    Is there anyway to change the initial of the program?

    PSS has been the initial for The Photographic Society of Singapore since the good old days and I hope the thread did not confuse some of the clubsnappers. This is not a PSS program.

    Thanks for your understanding. Have fun.

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    Yup yup ... at 1st sight I also thot it is PSS ...

    I guess the title has to write to admin to change it ...
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