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Thread: newbie seaside shots

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    Default newbie seaside shots

    hi clubsnappers, didn't know if my shots are considered abstract or still life but didn't know where to place them so well hope for ur comments and critiques to help me improve thanks

    1. Sihoulette of aeroplane

    2. Sea Traffic with a little too bright sun.

    3. Neatly folded fishing net with overblown sun.


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    I find the first one appealing.
    Clean, understated and simple.
    Well done
    My Personal Folio (of random events and things)

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    sea details washed out. underexpose more to retain sea details or use filter.

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    Thanks stoned, well... what can i say when someone appreciate my work. Thanks! (happie)

    ztsen, took this with my A75. The most i can go is F8 but is it true that matrix or evaluative metering will work better with shots like the 3rd one? I'm still quite confused with metering i know it can do alot to the pics but i just don't know how to use it with ease yet.


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