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Hey hey all of u stop spamming on my lousy post with arguments..my post only for commenting n feedbacks of my critique..if ull got nothing good to contribute go start a flame war on a new post
Part of photography is to receive critique and at the same time be discerning to what is right and wrong. Like I said, photography is an art. Even those who takes better shots than you may have an opinion which you may not necessarily take. Knowing what to take and what not, is often a very important thing in learning any art. If you may, don't see this as a flame war, it is a heated discussion which differed in opinions. You need not take sides nor worry yourself on who to side, most importantly is to form your own beliefs and understand that dd123 and jiannn L among others are all trying to help you to grow in your photography journey. Hope you will consolidate what you have learned here and apply it on your next shoot and show us your works!