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    Was at NDP2002, took many shots but some of them are blur, either due to handshake or subject moved. Any tips to digitally make it sharper? The sharpening tools in most image processing software seems to have not much effect and the end results looks grainy.
    Any tips or ideas?


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    Don't think you can do much to salvage your photos, short of drawing in the details yourself. If the image data isn't there, no amount of manipulation will retrieve it back. I think the best you can do is to downsize the photo until the blurring becomes not too obvious (something like how out-of-focus photos tend to look pin-sharp on the small LCDs on digicams), and then apply a bit of unsharp mask. In any case, if the blur is due to subject motion, the image can be quite appealing too as long as the camera itself was well-supported.


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