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Thread: questions on use of bounce flash

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    Default questions on use of bounce flash

    Hi im quite confused with the use of a bounce flash. Whats the best angle for the flash? Any guidelines? Also im using an omnibounce diffuser. Will I need to adjust the angle while using this?

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    Depends on the distance of your object/person. Normally bouncing the flash output is used indoor, with a white bounce surface the best (since the flash is white). If your bounce surface is black, you bounce nothing. If blue, your object will have a blue flash bounced on it. There is no best angle.

    If your object distance away from you is far (say 5m), and you want to brighten up the background (1m away from object), you use a 45 degree angle. If your object distance is 3m or nearer, try 60 degree (higher basically). There are a lot of ways to use flash, but I am not too good yet in flash uses. Normally I put to 90 degrees with my 50/1.8 on film or 60 degree with 100/2.0 or 45 degree on longer zooms (70-200).


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