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Thread: Towels Stall at Chinatown, pls help

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    Default Towels Stall at Chinatown, pls help

    Dear Friends,

    THINKING of buying new toiletries such as towels for the coming Chinese New

    Remember the circulated email about this old ah pek, selling towels @
    Chinatown Complex (the big market at Pagoda street...where currently all the
    Chinese new year stalls are situated)....hence while shopping for Chinese
    New Year goods, why not just drop by his stall...

    * For those who have no short...this ah pek appeared in one of
    the Channel U TV program, featuring him & his 2 retarded
    daughters...apparently, selling towels has been his livelihood & has been
    providing for his 2 grown up daughters...Besides household chores, he has to
    wash his daughter's clothes & bedsheets as they are not agile enough to go
    to the toilet...... he was offered the government financial grant where he
    is entitled to claim $240 per month but was rejected by him...reason being
    that he feels that he is still capable of supporting himself & was fortunate
    to have his own small stall.... hence, he wanted the $$ to be channelled to
    other people who might need this $$ more than him.*

    That program was about 2-3 years back. The last time my fren visited him, he was
    wearing a very old T-shirt, greeting me with smile when my friend
    approached him to buy towels. But on 18 Jan 2005 when my friend went to the stall,
    he was seen sitting on a wheelchair, looking sickly & senile....his hand
    seems to be swollen & unable to move.... (looks like stroke) an uncle who
    is helping him to mann the stall commented that the ah pek is not in good
    health & he is just
    helping him...despite of his health, he still insisted to be at his stall
    everyday. Though he is unable to serve the customers, he will still sit on
    his wheelchair & be by his stall...

    I would like to take this opportunity to urge everyone of you...esp on this
    joyous occasion where happiness & joy is filled along the streets of pagoda,
    DO look out for this ah pek who is at this small, un-noticed corner at the
    Chinatown Complex....My friend went there at ard 8pm & he is still there....his
    stall unit number is #01-186 ( if you forgot, just ask around the other
    stall holders abt this ah pek with 2 retarded daughters..) Help him out by
    buying his towels......Even though it is just a $1 hand-towel.....and trust
    me, you will not feel that it is a waste of time, going all the way to his
    stall just to buy never know, be it $1 or $10 (for 3 big
    towels).........a small charitible act would definately help to boost this
    old pek's wish to maintain this stall & ability to support himself till the
    end of his time...

    i know alot of people would surely make the trip down to Chinatown to enjoy the ambience of lunar new
    year..............By drop by..... you never know YOU will just make a
    difference to his small earnings for that day.............* May you be
    blessed with luck & health in the coming lunar new year* ..........

    Many Many Thanks to You
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    Very commendable! I will ask my friend to go there! I am in HK or else I would love to buy towels..........

    This man is an inspiration for us.........


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    Thanks for the infor. Will support his stall.

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    Just heard from my girlfriend that one of his daughters is at a home, but the other still with him......



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