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Thread: Retro toy: View Master 3D/stereo slides

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    Default Retro toy: View Master 3D/stereo slides

    Anyone saw this b4? I guess those who were lucky enough to live thru the retro years might be familiar with this vintage toy...

    In the 80's I used to spent hours & hours looking thru my older cousin's reels collection & never failed to be amazed by the stereo looking images...The cartoons & sceneries felt alive...Very nice...

    Do they still making these?

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    I remember those - had those in the early - mid-70s ..... damn cool stuff then.

    I still have them at home (memory of childhood days), and the original reels. My favourites were Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and HR Puf n Stuf.

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    I have my original ViewMaster viewer and slides. Kept it for many years. One day decided to pass it to my son to sort of take over. It lasted a week with him. Now the slides are missing and the viewer is kaput with the lever not able to work. Hmmmm. All my childhood memories gone.

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    Interesting to see so many ppl still keep their view-masters. Its really a good memories...
    My favorite is Mowgli...But I never get to own one...

    Fisher-Price is still making them after 65 yrs...

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    my sense is that children of today are not too thrilled by such toys of our times. today, they have other more interesting(to them) toys eg gameboy, PS2, CDs, MP3 players, etc. well, times are not the same and values change.

    i used to patronize this old man who projected 8mm films in a projection box which sits on a three wheeler. he was so innovative in his times. so, such spirit should live on.
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