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Thread: Recommended mp3 players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drudkh
    is there any mp3 player that uses CF card and runs on AA batts?

    this series came out about 2 years ago. but it cant be found in sg stores..looks like have to order from overseas

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    I'm selling the Nex IIe if anyone is interested! Uses AA batteries, and CF card I/II.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icer
    Sorry all,

    I just find the shuffle really a bit bull ****. I mean whats the point if you cannot choose the songs you want to listen. Then whats the difference to a radio except that the songs are what you had uploaded. To me, the point of having an MP3 player is to be able to listen to whatever songs I choose at any point of time and not let it shuffle and decide for me.

    I am using a Creative Zen Touch now. Wonderful product. Able to play mp3 and WMA format. Can put a few thousand songs inside. Can use as thumb drive also. Got 5 MB space. Got FM and recording. Can choose songs using titles or singer or album. Easy to use.

    A cheaper alternative would be Creative Muvo FM. Sorry prefer Creative products than ipod. More functions, more flexibility and cheaper. ipod is more of a brand product. Can only play mp3 and not other formats.

    Just my view. You can try to go and search for a good deal. I got a brand new Zen Touch there at $380 2 months ago. Good deal.

    hold on .. does ipod shuffle means u can only shuffle the songs, and cannot play in order mode? i guess not right?

    quoted from

    "With Play in Order mode, you manage the music. If things take a turn for the predictable, never fear. Flip the Shuffle toggle on the back of iPod shuffle and mix on the go."

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    best is go to the store and verify..

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    anyone uses D-Cord from before? i believe it's a china brand. the price for 512mb is less than $200, but never really heard of this brand before.

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    are there any websites reviewing mp3 players other than ?

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